Should You Have A Professional Clean Your Gutters?

Although gutter cleaning is an easy enough job, it is not a chore for the faint-hearted. It is no different than clearing a miniature trench; the only difference is that you would be doing it from about at least 15 meters high for a bungalow and probably twice the height for a storied home.

If you don't suffer from vertigo or wobbly knees, you can give gutter cleaning a go.

What You Would Need

  • A good, stable, extendable ladder - 'ladder horns' are ideal, as they protect the gutter from being damaged by the ladder

  • A long-sleeved shirt and gloves to protect your hands and arms

  • A plastic scoop of some sort will come in handy in scooping out the gunk from the gutter

  • A bucket will prove useful for the scooped gunk  

  • A hosepipe to wash the gutter once it is free of debris and muck. The wash will also enable you to spot leaks in the gutter

A Professional Job is Better

If you are afraid of heights, it is better to hire a professional for gutter cleaning, especially if your roofs are high or your home is a storied building.

A professional gutter cleaner can do the job in less time and more effectively. This is because of specialized equipment, expertise and experience, and teamwork. These contractors are also licensed and insured.

It is recommended that gutters be cleaned at least once a year but if your house is next to trees whose height towers the house, then twice a year would be best. This is because there is bound to be a considerable amount of leaves and twigs that will find their way to the gutters and are likely to clog your gutter.

Gutters are prone to clogging especially after big storms when debris, leaves, and twigs are washed down the roof. Cleaning them is a necessity for any building otherwise they may cause damage to your siding or mess up your landscaping which can cost you more in repairs and restoration.

Gutter covers can be considered as they help in slowing down the clogging. They usually come in the form of a mesh or porous foam. The only drawback is that they can be more expensive than the gutters.  

To avoid any delays in unclogging your gutters and in a bid to maintain safety, it is recommended that you hire a helping hand for gutter repair, restoration, and cleaning.