How Renting A Dumpster Can Improve The Quality Of Your Business

No one really wants to consider trash and how it affects the business they do, but the reality is, if you own a business, trash is likely something you generate. Whether it is a small amount from your offices or a lot of trash from shipments coming into your business, having a dumpster rental setup gives you a place to put that trash, and there are things related to that dumpster that can impact the business.

Dumpster Size

When you consider the dumpster you will use on the property for your business, it is important that you have one that is large enough to deal with the trash for the entire period between pickups. The pickup might be daily or weekly, but no matter how long you have set between pickups, you need to get all the trash inside the dumpster and be able to close the lid.

A dumpster with an open lid is an invitation for animals to climb in, and it can allow the trash in the dumpster to blow out and end up in the parking lot or on the property around your business. Trash around the outside of the business looks terrible and can be a reason for some potential customers or clients to think twice about coming to your business. If you find you are having trouble closing the lid of the dumpster, a larger dumpster rental might be necessary.

If you are renting a dumpster for the first time, the dumpster rental company you are working with can help determine how large the dumpster needs to be and how often a truck should come and empty it.

Dumpster Placement

It is essential that the dumpster rental you choose for your business can be placed in an area that is out of sight and that the truck coming to empty the dumpster can access. If the truck can not get to the dumpster, they will not empty it, and the trash will pile up.

At the same time, you do not want the dumpster in an area that people can see as they approach your business. Put the dumpster out back if possible or have a contractor build a place surrounding and hiding the dumpster from view. 

It is essential that the dumpster is easy to access for you and your employees as well. If the dumpster is hard to get to, people will not want to use it, and you may find trash outside the dumpster area. The dumpster rental company will not pick that up. The contractor can put a small gate on the side of the containment area so that employees only need to open the gate to access the dumpster and put the trash inside.