Dealing With Boiler Problems When Your Hyrdo-Air Heating System Stops Working

If you have a hydro-air heating system, this is a unique system that uses a boiler to provide heat to your home. Therefore, the problems you may have to deal with could be due to the boiler itself. It may need some repairs when your heating stops. The following boiler repairs may be required to get your hydro-air heating system working again:

Boiler Burner Elements Failing

The burner of your boiler has a heating element. If it is a gas boiler, this is what provides the flame that heats the tubes. These are parts that frequently fail and may need repairs when you are having trouble with your heating. Therefore, when your heating is not working, the boiler burner will need to be checked for issues causing it to not heat as it should. Often, these repairs are something simple, like replacing an ignitor that has stopped working.

Issues with Control Units Failing

Another issue with boilers that you may have during cold weather is the control unit failing. This is the unit that controls the system and temperature of the boiler. Sometimes, the control units fail when the heating is turned on due to problems with short circuits or old units. If the problem is the control unit, a new panel can be installed to repair the problems with your heating. This repair can also improve the efficiency of your boiler and household heating system.

Dirty Boiler Parts That Affect Heating

During the cold weather, the boiler is working harder to provide heating to the hydro-air system. This means that parts can get dirty quickly, which can cause problems if you have not had your system serviced before turning on the heating. Therefore, the repairs your system may need could be something as simple as cleaning the burner and tubes. This maintenance will also improve the efficiency of your heating system during the winter months.

Issues with the Thermostat Calibration

Like with other heating and AC systems, the boiler of a hydro-air heating system will also need to be calibrated with the thermostat. Sometimes, the problems with these systems are due to the thermocouple failing and issues with thermostat calibration. Thus, you may need to have a boiler repair service calibrate your thermostat when you are having trouble keeping your home warm.

The problems with hydro-air systems are often due to issues with the boiler, which can also cause you to not have hot water. Call a boiler repair service for help with these repairs when your system stops working this winter.