3 Reasons To Choose Exterior Storm Windows

Storm windows have been used for years to provide an added layer of protection for your home's primary windows.

A storm window can be installed on either the interior or the exterior of the existing window, and many homeowners are unsure which installation method is best.

Although interior storm windows are functional, exterior storm windows offer a wide range of benefits that you will find useful over time.

1. Reduced Window Maintenance Costs

One of the greatest benefits you will enjoy after installing exterior storm windows is a reduction in your window maintenance costs. It's much more affordable to maintain a storm window than it is to maintain your home's primary windows.

Placing a storm window over the exterior of your existing windows protects the primary windows against potential damage. If you select storm windows with an aluminum frame, you will essentially have a maintenance-free window system.

Wood storm windows are also an affordable option. Use exterior storm windows to help you save money on your window maintenance costs over time.

2. Increased Design Variety

Interior storm windows come in a very limited number of designs. This can make it challenging to source the storm windows that will best complement your home's architectural design.

A lot more manufacturers create exterior storm windows than interior storm windows. More manufacturers means a wider range of design availability.

You will have a much better chance of finding the window style that fits your home's aesthetic at a price you can afford when you opt to install exterior storm windows.

3. Enhanced Function

If you want to install storm windows that will protect your primary windows but still be functional, exterior storm windows are your best choice. An exterior storm window offers greater flexibility in terms of operation and function than its interior counterparts.

You can find exterior storm windows that open and close with ease. Some manufacturers even produce exterior storm windows that allow you to swap out the glass panes for screens when outdoor temperatures climb.

Being able to operate your storm windows allows you to maintain the convenience and function of your primary windows.

Storm windows are an affordable option for protecting your primary windows over time. By choosing to install exterior storm windows, you won't have to sacrifice design or function in order to get the protection you desire.

Work with your contractor to source exterior storm windows that will complement your home and lifestyle in the future.

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