Basement Waterproofing? Important Benefits For Your Home And Family

If you have been putting up with water infiltration issues in your basement, you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners deal with wet basements each year, even in areas where flooding is not a problem. Water infiltration and moisture accumulation can occur in residential basements for many reasons, including poor soil drainage, erosion, landscaping issues, and faulty guttering. If the home is an older one, the concrete used to pour the basement walls or floor may also be a factor, from deterioration due to age or issues with the quality of materials used at the time the basement was constructed. 

Homeowners who have not yet decided to move forward with basement waterproofing plans can use the following information to help them see the benefits could enjoy by doing so. 

Improving family health 

Wet basements are an annoyance, but they can also put your family at risk of serious health issues. Even when not used as a living space, a basement that has ongoing issues with moisture can contribute to unhealthy humidity levels in the main living areas of the home. High humidity levels in residential housing are known to exacerbate respiratory health problems and contribute to other health issues. Even healthy family members can feel uncomfortable in homes where humidity issues go uncorrected. Excessively humid conditions can also result in harmful mold growth capable of causing or worsening many types of health conditions. 

Providing room for growth

Wet basements can also be limiting your family's ability to utilize your home to its fullest extent. Many households are faced with a need for more space due to increases in family size or changing needs of the family. Basements that have been fully waterproofed can offer space for recreation or storage or finished into a family room or additional bedrooms for family members or guests. Waterproofing can also allow families to utilize basement spaces for the purpose of starting a business or providing space to work from home. 

Increasing property value

Even households who do not need additional living space can still benefit from curing the water infiltration issues in their home's basement so that the space can be fully finished. A fully finished basement can nearly double the total amount of finished living space the home offers, which can help homeowners by potentially increasing appraisal value for the purpose of refinancing an existing mortgage or removing the need for private mortgage insurance (PMI). 

Homeowners who would like to learn more about solving wet basement issues should take time to discuss their situation with a reputable basement waterproofing service in their area.