Primary Considerations to Guide Your Choice of New Wood Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets present much more than a dedicated space to store your cookware and crockery. The right cabinets will not only help with reducing clutter in your kitchen but will also contribute to the appeal of this space by adding visual interest to the walls and this, in turn, boosts the value of your home. As more and more homeowners realize this, there has been a steady shift away from mass-produced cabinets manufactured from synthetic supplies, which has led to an increasing interest in wood cabinets. Available in a wide variety of options, selecting wood cabinets for the first time may seem like a complicated endeavor but it does not have to be the case. To simplify this process and ensure you invest in cabinetry that meets your expectations, check out the following primary considerations that should guide your choice of new wood cabinets.

Which species of timber should you choose for your wood cabinets?

Naturally, when deliberating on wood cabinets for your kitchen, the first aspect to take into account would be the timber species that they are made of. Usually, this tends to be one of the harder decisions that homeowners have to make due to the wide range of options available. Nonetheless, there are a few popular wood species that work well in a majority of kitchens. Cherry is one of the more popular hardwood species used in the manufacture of custom wood cabinets, and this can be credited to the unique characteristics that it offers. Not only does the vibrant, red hue make these wood cabinets a focal point in your kitchen, but its medium-density makes the cabinets resistant to minor shocks and impact. Alternately, if the reddish hue of cherry wood cabinets is too conspicuous for your kitchen, you could gravitate towards white oak cabinets which are characterized by their neutral tones of beige ad subtle golden accents.

Which style of wood cabinets will work best in your kitchen?

Once you narrow down the various timber species that you would prefer for your wood cabinets, you then have to whittle down the styles that would be best suited to this room's aesthetic. For instance, if you have been curating a maximalist interior décor style for your kitchen and would like to have all your decorative cookware and crockery on display, glass-fronted wood cabinets would be a great way to complement this aesthetic. Conversely, if contemporary minimalism is your preferred interior décor design, slab wood cabinets would prove to be an excellent choice since they typically do not have any adornments. Pair these wood cabinets with a soft-close mechanism to eliminate the need for knobs and instead have the face of the cabinets uninterrupted by any ornamentation.