Money-Saving Options To Think About When Remodeling Your Bathroom

When it comes to home remodeling, the bathroom is an in-demand place to start. After all, you want your bathroom to be functional yet comfortable. That's why many homeowners opt to start with the bathroom when they decide on a remodeling project. However, what can you do when your budget is limited? Here are some tips to help you cut costs so you can focus your spending on the major changes while still getting the full effect of a complete bathroom renovation.

Revitalize Existing Cabinets

If the cabinet space that you currently have works for you in both capacity and structure, there's no need to replace them just because you're remodeling your bathroom. In fact, you can just give them a new look by sanding and painting them a new color to match the final appearance you're going for.

Not only that, but new cabinet hardware is really inexpensive but can make a huge difference in the final appearance of your refinished cabinets. With a fresh coat of paint in a whole new color and new cabinet and drawer pulls, you can make those existing cabinets look like they're a whole new set without the huge price tag.

Put Money Into The Walls

When it comes to the full plan for your bathroom remodel, the walls in the bathroom should get the attention that they need. You have a lot of options for the walls, including bathroom-safe wallpaper, paint, or even tile. You'll have to evaluate what your budget can support to help you make the choice. Sometimes, even a single accent wall in a different color or style can make a huge difference in a bathroom.

Once you've settled on the final steps for the walls, you'll also have to think about a backsplash if you need one. In most cases, wallpapered or painted walls will benefit from a backsplash around the sink and the shower or tub. This helps to protect the walls and gives you another element that you can incorporate artistically, too.

Replace The Fixtures

The fixtures on your bathroom sink, tub, and shower might feel dated, out of style, or just not attractive. A bathroom remodel is a great opportunity to replace them, but it doesn't have to break your budget. Talk with your remodeling contractor about the most affordable options for new fixtures and choose the ones that best fit both your budget and your personal preferences.

These are some of the things to consider when you want to make a significant change during your bathroom remodel without a significant budget for the project. Talk with your remodeling contractor about the best places to prioritize your spending and use these tips to help maximize your efforts everywhere else.

For more information on bathroom remodeling, contact a professional near you.