Does My Home Need Extra Sinks?

An important question to ask when you're adding a bathroom or upgrading an existing one is how many sinks your bathroom should have. Not having enough sinks can make it more difficult for your family when everyone has to wait for a family member to be finished in the bathroom getting ready. This can especially be a hassle if you have several kids getting ready for school. Fortunately, contractors can help you install several sinks including double sinks.

It's Better to Have Your Own Sink

One of the advantages of having several sinks is that you can have one sink for each person. That way, everyone can have their toothbrush kept by a different sink, and any other personal hygiene products, such as face wash, can be kept at the appropriate sink.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

There is a limit to how many sinks you can have. You will need to make sure that you have enough clearance between the sink and the toilet and the bathtub or shower. If you have a sink with multiple basins, each basin needs to be far enough away from the other. Because of the bare minimum clearances, you will be limited regarding how many sinks you will be able to place in a single bathroom.

You Might Want the Extra Space

Even if you have enough space for two sinks, you might wonder if you will be happy with more than one sink. Sometimes, it's enjoyable to have extra space in the bathroom. Having a larger bathroom can feel more luxurious and is also more convenient.

More Sinks Costs More Money

The downside to having two sinks is that they will be more expensive. You will have to pay for two sinks instead of one and it will cost more to do the plumbing for two sinks than it does to handle the plumbing for a single sink. 

You Might Need More Sinks Than You Think

Take into consideration guests and how many family members you will expect to have. Oftentimes, you might invite guests over to spend the night. You may have a party and you might not want a guest to drive home intoxicated or on a night when the traffic will likely be terrible. Under these circumstances, multiple sinks will be necessary so that everyone is comfortable. Even if you end up with too many sinks in the end, it will be worth it when you need the extra sinks. 

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