Lesser-Known Signs That You May Be In Need Of Garage Door Repair

A garage door is something that you may not think about until it stops working. Once the door will no longer open or shut, you know that you need garage door repair services. However, your garage door often gives you signs that something may not be quite right before it suddenly stops working. Here are a few of the lesser-known signs that you may be in need of garage door repair services. 

There Is a Gap Between Your Garage Door and the Ground

One of the signs that you may notice if you are in need of garage door repair is that there is a gap between your garage door and the ground. A gap can be caused by a garage door that is warping due to environmental reasons, which would require the door to be replaced. However, a gap can also be caused by damage to the tracks or rollers that prevent the door from going all the way to the ground. 

You Notice Rust on Your Garage Door or Garage Door Parts

Another sign that you may need garage door repair is rust on your garage door or your garage door parts, such as the springs or tracks. If rust is present in small amounts on the door or tracks, it may be able to be cleaned. However, if there is a large amount of rust on the tracks or any amount of rust on your springs, those items will need to be replaced. 

The Garage Door Tracks Are Moving or Swaying As Your Garage Door Moves

When your garage door is opening or closing, your garage door tracks should remain firmly in place. If the tracks move or sway, they may be loose. In some cases, tightening up the bolts may help to hold the tracks in place again, while in other places, the bolts or screws may be stripped and may need to be replaced. 

Your Garage Door Is Making Unusual Noises When Opening or Closing

Lastly, if you hear any unusual noises when you are opening or closing your garage door, such as squealing, squeaking, or grinding, you may be in need of garage door repair. Strange noises can indicate anything from a broken roller to a roller or track that needs to be lubricated to a problem with the garage door opener system. 

If you notice that there is a gap between your garage door and the ground, if you notice rust on any of your garage door parts, if you notice the tracks are moving or swaying, or if you hear unusual sounds when your garage door is opening or closing, you likely need garage door repairs. Reach out to a garage door repair company to have your door inspected and, if needed, repaired. 

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