4 Ways To Ensure That Your Dumpster Rental Will Be A Success

Individuals may need to get a dumpster rental for a variety of reasons. This is why it is ideal to consider a few things prior to the delivery day. Dumpsters are of different sizes, and the size of the rental is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Early planning ensures that the planned project runs smoothly. If the dumpster rented is too small, the rental company will need to retrieve it and bring another. This might mean extra fees for the rental. The following points represent things that can be done to plan for the dumpster delivery.

Determine Where the Dumpster Will be Placed 

Some jurisdictions have laws that govern where a dumpster can be placed. It might be illegal to place a dumpster on a sidewalk or street. A dumpster rental company will likely know the laws on placement. Individuals who do not adhere to local laws could get sanctioned or be forced to relocate dumpsters even if their projects are incomplete. There are also Homeowners' Associations (HOA) that have restrictions on what can be placed curbside. Knowing the laws and rules will aid in ensuring a smooth rental experience.

Clear the Delivery Area 

The area where the dumpster will be placed needs to clear. If there are items in the area, it can delay the delivery. The drop-off area needs to be clear to ensure safe delivery. If there are objects in the pathway of the delivery area or near it such as vehicles, old appliances, lawn chairs, or landscape equipment, they must be removed to ensure that the driver can correctly install the dumpster.

Understand What Can and Cannot Go in the Dumpster

Individuals need to understand that they cannot put certain items in dumpsters. Some substances and materials require special disposal. Items such as old furniture, clothing, books, and other types of regular waste can be discarded in dumpster rentals. Construction materials such as paint, paint thinner, varnish, and asbestos should not be discarded in a dumpster rental.

Ensure the Area is Still Clear on the Delivery Day

A second check should be done prior to the delivery time. If neighbors have objects such as trashcans or vehicles near the delivery site or on the curb, kindly ask them to move them until the delivery is complete. This step reduces the chances of property damage occurring.

A dumpster rental services company is a good resource to plan for delivery. They can also help determine the best-sized dumpster for projects.

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