4 Earth-Friendly Building Materials To Consider For Your Home Build

When a lot of people decide they want to have their home built to their specifications, they do so because they are interested in creating a home that works specifically for their desires. However, sourcing a home construction contractor to build a home comes with another often-overlooked perk. You get to choose your own building materials. 

In recent years, there has been much more focus on using more sustainable materials when building a new home. Materials like treated lumber, concrete, and fiberglass are not always the most environmentally-friendly choices. Today, you have access to a long list of more sustainable building materials to consider. 

Concrete with Recycled Aggregate 

Concrete is an important building material if you are having a basement or solid slab foundation installed as part of your home building project. However, concrete also makes use of valuable natural resources that are not renewable, such as limestone aggregate. You can opt for a greener alternative, however. The aggregate added to concrete can come from a lot of different places and be just as effective. For example, steel slag is a byproduct of steelmaking and makes a good aggregate. Likewise, recycled crushed concrete and brick can be a viable alternative to natural stone. 

Composite Framing Lumber 

Metal framing and framing made from treated lumber are the most common options when it comes to building walls, floor joists, and roof trusses. However, composite framing lumber is a third option to think about if you're interested in using sustainable materials. Composite lumber can have quite a few different ingredients, but recycled plastics are one of the most abundant. These lumber pieces can be just as strong and durable as other framing options, but they are also good building materials because the pieces are resilient to moisture and pests. 

Stone Mineral Wool Insulation 

Several homeowners prefer to skip fiberglass insulation because fiberglass poses its own risks to the environment. If this is you, talk to your chosen contractor about insulation that is made with stone minerals and wool instead. Rock wool insulation or stone wool insulation is considered a more earth-friendly building material. 

Plastic Roofing Tiles 

While asphalt shingles and tin sheets clad the roofs of most homes, you have access to another option that is far more environmentally friendly: plastic roofing tiles. Plastic roofing tiles can be purchased that are made out of recycled plastics, such as from plastic containers and bottles. Not only is this type of roofing attractive and available in a lot of different styles, but it is also one of the most durable roofing materials you can pick. 

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