Hardwood Floors: Refinishing Tips For DIY Homeowners

Hardwood floors are a fantastic investment for homeowners because of their beauty and durability. If you've had the same hardwood floors in your home for years, it may be time to refinish them. You can succeed with DIY finishing if you follow a couple of protocols.

Seal Off the Room

When you use a restoration product on hardwood floors, you ideally want to keep it in one room. Not only is it essential to do from a safety standpoint, but it also keeps hardwood floor refinishing a cleaner process. You can seal up the room you're treating, saving yourself from inconvenient steps later on.

Plastic sheets and tarps work well when sealing off rooms for hardwood refinishing. Make sure you choose the right size of materials and find a way to secure them well so you don't have to keep adjusting these materials constantly. 

Patch Holes if They're Present 

If you have old hardwood floors, some areas may have holes. They may have developed over time due to natural weathering. Make sure you fill them before attempting to refinish the floors. Fortunately, patching up holes is a DIY job you can succeed with.

Put filler wood directly inside the hole and then sand around the patched area. You can then apply a sealant to fill in any gaps around the filler wood piece. After it dries, you're ready to refinish the hardwood floors with your chosen products.

Sand Hardwood Floors if There Are Scratches

If your hardwood floors are exposed to ample foot traffic, there may be scratches around some areas. Like holes, fix them before applying a restoration product. The best way to treat cracks effectively is to sand them down. Using sandpaper, you can remove layers of the hardwood floor until you have a smooth, flat surface left over. 

Use a Shop Vacuum For Thorough Cleaning

Many things may collect on the top surface when you prepare hardwood floors for refinishing. That includes dirt, debris, hair, and dust. Remove these things to ensure the floor restoration product applies correctly over every inch of the hardwood floors.

A shop vacuum is a superior tool for hardwood floor cleaning. Not only is it powerful and able to suck up anything on hardwood floors, but it's also portable and, subsequently, effortless to move around. 

Refinishing hardwood floors can make them look brand-new again. To have success, use the appropriate tools and techniques.

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