Five Ways a Commercial Property Survey Can Help You in Expanding Your Building

Have you been thinking about expanding your commercial property? Whether you're planning on adding an extension to your office or constructing a new building for your business, expanding your property without understanding its limitations can create serious problems down the line. This is where a commercial property survey comes into play. Today's blog post will explore five ways a commercial property survey can help you in expanding your building.

Zoning and Land Use Analysis

Before expanding your commercial property, it's essential to verify whether your property is situated in a properly zoned area and that the proposed expansion aligns with the local zoning regulations. A commercial property survey will help to determine the zoning of your property, including land use restrictions. A professional surveyor will analyze the current zoning, building codes, and other relevant regulations to ensure the expansion project meets compliance requirements.

Property Boundary Identification

During the expansion of your commercial property, it's vital to have a precise boundary description to avoid building an extension that encroaches on an adjacent property. A commercial property survey helps to identify property lines, ensuring that you don't encroach on your neighbor's land. The survey will also provide you with an accurate drawing of your property that includes boundary lines, which can be critical in any legal dispute regarding property ownership.

Building Height and Elevation Analysis

Building height and elevation can have a significant impact on your commercial property expansion. A surveyor will examine your property's elevation to understand any potential drainage or water flow issues that could affect the expansion project's layout. They will also determine the maximum height allowed for the expansion according to local regulations.

Existing Structures Analysis

Before expanding your commercial property, it's essential to know what structures are present on the property, including the location of any underground utilities, drainage systems, and pipelines. The surveyor will provide a detailed analysis of the structures and underground utilities, ensuring that the proposed expansion doesn't damage these systems or create environmental risks.

Identification of Potential Hazards

A commercial property survey can highlight potential hazards such as wetlands, flood zones, underground storage tanks, or contaminated soil. By identifying these risks before any construction work begins, you can avoid potential hazards that could cause significant damage and financial loss down the line. The surveyor will provide the necessary information and recommend the next steps to take to manage any potential risks.

A commercial property survey is an essential tool that can help business owners in expanding their commercial property. By identifying zoning regulations, property boundaries, building height, existing structures, and potential hazards, a survey can help ensure that your expansion project is successful and legally compliant. Contact a construction team today to learn more about commercial property surveys and how they can help you in your expansion project.