5 Glass Components To Plan Into Your Custom Home

Glass can be a more versatile building material than many people would expect. You'll want to keep the possibilities of designing with glass in mind as you develop your home's building plan with your custom home builders. Here are some of the components of your home that could be made of glass.

1. Windows and doors

While glass is a standard component for windows and doors, you'll need to consider how best to use it to highlight your home's strengths. For example, triple-glazed windows can be a useful feature in an energy-efficient house, and floor-to-ceiling windows can be a great attraction in a room with a cathedral or vaulted ceiling.

2. Sunroom

A sunroom is typically a room that's off to one side of the house and is designed with many windows on one or more sides of the room to let in a lot of natural light. While this can be a very attractive feature in a home, it can also allow healthy exposure to natural light in everyday living and can even facilitate growing tropical plants.

Some sunrooms just have a lot of windows in one wall, while others are designed and built with walls that are basically floor-to-ceiling windows. Talk to your custom home builders about the different options for sunroom construction.

3. Mirror walls

Mirrors can offer a great way to make the interior of your home look even more spacious, and can also help brighten up the place by reflecting natural light from the windows back around the room.

But instead of simply hanging mirrors, you can add an entire mirrored wall as an impressive and beautiful element in your home's design. Planning a mirrored wall during the design process can be an efficient way to create a mirrored wall.

4. Glass floor

A glass floor can be another striking feature to consider in a custom home. These are especially striking when placed in an area of your home that overhangs a cliff, ravine, or other great viewpoint.

You can also use a glass floor in the interior of your home, such as in hallways on the second floor (allowing you to see down to the first floor). These can give the impression of extra space and can let natural light through. Just make sure you aren't afraid of heights before installing one of these.

5. Skylight and glass ceiling

But a flat skylight isn't the only option. When you're designing a custom home, you can think bigger. A glass cupola, dormer skylight, or even an entire glass ceiling for a small area of your house (such as a conservatory) could be in the cards. A conservatory can be very similar to a sunroom, but with a glass ceiling.

These are just some of the attractive and functional features that glass components can offer for your custom home. Talk to your custom home builders about which of these elements will work best with your current home building plans, your budget, and your climate.