A Few Commercial Improvements For Your Consideration

When your company rents office space, that space will need to be renovated at least partly. Even if the space had previously been used for a business that was similar to yours, you'll want to customize the rooms and make sure that the wiring, lighting, plumbing, and other features are satisfactory for your purposes. Commercial improvements can run the gamut from simple fixes to vast renovations, so you really have a lot to play with here. Yes, your budget plays a role, too, but aside from that restriction, you can make the space yours.

Hide the Industrial Look

If the space was previously used for a restaurant, retail store, or warehouse-style workspace, the ceiling might not be much of a ceiling. In fact, the previous tenants may have had a very industrial-looking setup -- picture vents and ducts running everywhere, exposed so that everyone can see all the parts -- that may not go with your plans. Consider having the renovation construction company cover up the industrial-looking portions. You can get acoustic ceiling tiles that are very decorative if you don't want to have a plain tile ceiling.

Think About Customer Access to Outlets

If your space will include customers and not just staff (such as in an office), access to outlets could be an issue. Many people want to charge their phones when they get a chance, and if you're starting a cafe, you'll no doubt have customers who want to work on laptops, too. Some cafes have started limiting outlet access in an effort to prevent people from taking up space for hours on end. That has raised some controversy because it's seen as more than a bit exclusionary, keeping out people who may truly need a power source. Draw up a plan for where you want outlets and consider what sort of access you're willing to give. For example, you may decide to divide the customer space into one half with no outlets, meant for people just grabbing something to eat and drink, and the other half into an outlet-rich space meant for those who do need to charge phones.

Add Soundproofing

Ask the renovators to add soundproofing inside the walls. This material will keep noise from your place inside, rather than letting it leak out into neighboring spaces, and it will keep out noises from those same neighboring spaces. Less noise in your space means your workers will be able to concentrate better, and your customers will not have to raise their voices to be heard above the extra din.

There are a host of other changes you can make during renovations, so make your plans and speak with the construction company about which changes will fit in your budget.

To learn more, contact a company that does commercial tenant improvement renovations.