Addressing Code Violations with Your Home's Porch

The porch of your home may be one of the most used areas of the property. Unfortunately, a homeowner may find that their porch is actually in violation of the local building codes. While this can be a shocking realization, it is important to take it seriously.

1. Understand the Liabilities That a Porch Code Violation Could Create

Having a porch that is violating the building codes of your community can create a number of issues. For example, you may find that the porch can substantially harm the value of the home, and it may make it much harder to sell it. Furthermore, a porch that is unable to pass a building code inspection, it likely to be considered dangerous. This can increase the risk of individuals suffering injuries while they are on the porch, and the homeowner may be liable for the medical costs that this incurs. Unfortunately, individuals will often underestimate this liability, which can leave them exposed to the costs of injuries that visitors to their property may suffer.

2. Avoid Using the Porch Until the Code Violations Are Repaired

If a code violation is discovered with your porch, you should make sure to avoid using it until the repairs are made. Unfortunately, there can still be instances where individuals may venture onto the porch without knowing that it is potentially dangerous. This can be the case for visitors to the property. In order to ensure that the compromised porch is not used until repairs can be completed, you should mark off the porch so that individuals will be unable to easily enter it. If your porch lacks a gate, you may need to use caution tape to mark that it is potentially unsafe. You can also contact services that can address porch violations so it's safe to use. 

3. Hire a Porch Code Violation Contractor for These Repairs

Individuals will often assume that repairing a minor building code violation with a porch will be something that they can easily do on their own. In reality, this can be surprisingly complicated as it can be easy for individuals to inadvertently create new building code violations during their attempts to repair the initial problem. As a result, it can be possible for individuals to accidentally make the problem for their porch significantly worse. Rather than attempting to struggle to complete these repairs on your own, hiring a professional porch code violation contractor can help you with ensuring that any of these violations are fully repaired so that the porch will be able to easily pass a building code inspection in the future.