Which Rolling Shutters Are Right For Your Warehouse?

Warehouse access can determine how efficiently products are shipped to and from your business each day. Many businesses find that rolling shutters offer the most convenience on a warehouse loading dock.

Rolling shutters come in many different designs, so it's important that you take into consideration your unique warehouse needs as you invest in rolling shutters in the future.

Push/Pull Rolling Shutters

The most basic design for rolling shutters is the push/pull model. These shutters are manually operated by pushing the shutter upward to open it, then using a handle to pull the shutter down when closing.

Push/pull shutters have very few mechanical components. This makes them easy to install and maintain. You should consider the use of push/pull rolling shutters if you are trying to minimize expenses and you don't need a high level of security within your warehouse. Push/pull rolling shutters come in many different sizes and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your warehouse.

Grilled Rolling Shutters

Some rolling shutters are categorized as grilled. These shutters are constructed in a grid-like pattern that allows for a clear view through the shutters themselves. Warehouses that rely on visual confirmation of arriving or leaving trucks can benefit from a grilled rolling shutter.

A grilled rolling shutter can also be helpful if you want to increase ventilation throughout your warehouse. Because a grilled shutter is not solid, air can easily pass through. This feature can reduce your heating and cooling costs within the warehouse over time.

Aluminum Rolling Shutters

Aluminum rolling shutters are among the most versatile available on the market today. Aluminum weighs much less than steel, so aluminum rolling shutters are easier to open and close on a daily basis. You will also be getting a rolling shutter that is capable of withstanding exposure to the elements when you opt for an aluminum model.

Aluminum will not corrode or weaken when exposed to moisture. This is an important feature if you need a high level of security in your warehouse. You even have the ability to combine an aluminum shutter with a grilled rolling shutter to take advantage of the ventilation and security both provide.

The lightweight design of the aluminum shutter allows a traditional frame opening to easily support the weight of both an aluminum and grilled rolling shutter.

The right rolling shutter will enhance the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your warehouse. Choose your new rolling shutter with your current and future warehouse needs in mind. Contact a company like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. to learn about commercial rolling shutters.