Choosing To Build A Log Home For Your New House

For a person that is in the process of building a custom home, choosing a log house design can be an excellent choice due to the numerous benefits that it will be able to offer over more traditional home construction techniques and options. Unfortunately, log homes are not a particularly common sight in many areas, and this can lead to a person being unsure as to the ways that this option can be superior. [Read More]

Dealing With Boiler Problems When Your Hyrdo-Air Heating System Stops Working

If you have a hydro-air heating system, this is a unique system that uses a boiler to provide heat to your home. Therefore, the problems you may have to deal with could be due to the boiler itself. It may need some repairs when your heating stops. The following boiler repairs may be required to get your hydro-air heating system working again: Boiler Burner Elements Failing The burner of your boiler has a heating element. [Read More]

Air Conditioning Maintenance To Ensure Your A/C Makes It Through The Winter Months

Your air conditioner served you well all summer, and depending where you live, perhaps even through much of the fall as well. But now, the temperature outside is starting to fall and you might find yourself using your A/C less and less or even putting it into storage until the spring. If this sounds like your situation, here are some air conditioning maintenance tips to keep in mind in order to ensure your A/C is prepared to go into hibernation for the winter. [Read More]

Great Reasons To Go With A Custom-Built Home

When you want a new home, you should give some thought to choosing a home that you have a large part in designing. Custom home plans allow you to control what layout and features your home has. There are a lot of advantages that come with using custom home plans to design a home to your own wants and needs. Here are some of the different things that you can enjoy when going this route:  [Read More]